Rotary Mini DC compressor
Refrigerant: R 134a, R 6000, R 1234yf
Manufacturer: Highly


Rotary Mini DC compressor
High-Temperature restistance and working constantly for 5 years above 50°C
smooth running (quiet)
Efficient compressor performance
Use in medical mobile refrigeration, coffemaker, air conditioning clothes, server and communication bases.
Refrigerant: R 134A, R 600, R 1234yf
Manufacturer: Highly

Frequency Range: 2400-6000 rpm
Displacement: 1,4cc
Capacity Range: 100 – 700 W
Evaporation temperature range: -25 – +24 °C
Condensing temperature range: 26-76 C
Rated Capacity: 235 W
Rated motor input: 96
Rated current: 3,65
Rated Speed: 4500
Oil: POE
Power: Inverter Input 48V DC
Weight: 980 g
Height: 88,5 mm

Produktprogramm Highly