BLDC Compressor WHP04200VRK
For use in heat pumps 
air condioning and refrigeration
R 410A, R 454B, R 454C
Voltage: 220V/1/50Hz- BLDC Inverter
Manufacturer: Highly


For use with heat pumps, air condioning
and refrigeration with R 410A, R454C, R454B

R 410A
Heating Capacity: 4295Watt
Cooling Capacity: 3250 Watt
Power consumption: 1045 Watt
R 454C
Heating Capacity : 2940 Watt
Cooling Capacity: 2280 Watt
Power consumption: 660 Watt

R 454B
Heating Capacity : 4130
Cooling Capacity: 3140 Watt
Power consumption: 990 Watt

Voltage: 220V/1/50Hz – BLDC Inverter
Speed Range: 900-7200 min-1
Displacement: 11,0 cm3/rev
Make: Highly
Capacity data refer to:
Speed: 3600 min-1
Evaporating Temperatur: 7,2°C
Condensing Temperatur: 54,4°C
Liquid Temperatur: 46,1°C
Ambient Temperatur: 35°C
Return gas Temperatur: 35°C
Wind speed : 2 m/sec

Highly Rotary Compressors


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