Inverter Speed Controller E1045R-1500

Inverter Speed Controller E1045R-1500 for hermetic Rotary-Compressors and specific motors in PCB version for use in Units and cabinets IP00


Inverter Speed Controller E1045R-1500 for  hermetic Rotary-Compressors        and specific motors in PCB version for use in Units and cabinets IP00

  • Adjustment of PMSM, BLDC compressors and standard asynchronous motors up to 1500W power consumption and 5,5A running current
  • With implemented firmware for various HITACHI HIGHLY Rotary compressors to be adjusted by a DIP switch.
  • Very user friendly Quick and easy mounting and connection
  • Modbus
  • Power supply Inverter: Uin = 230Vac +/- 10%
  • Current Inverter: Max. Lin = 10A
  • Max supply power(consumption) = 1500 W
  • Motor Voltage: 3 x AC – 0 – Uin
  • Motor (Compressor) current: max. 5,5 A
  • Motorfrequenz: 0 – 300 Hz
  • 16 Vdc output: max. 100 mA
  • 10 Vdc output: max.   30 mA
  • 0-10 V input: 0 – 10 V Ri = 7 KOhm
  • Alarm Relay: max. 30 VDC 3A &   230V/3A
  • Operation Temperature:   0-40°C

The Inverter has been tested and programmed for following  Highly Rotary Compressors. A selection shall be made by a DIP-switch on the PCB:

To decide which Inverter fits to the compressors below has to be decided with regard to the refrigerant, the requested rotational speed and evaporating and condensing temperature. Important limits of the inverter are 5,5 amps  and 1500 Watts maximum.

  • Model  Kältemittel
  • ASD084CK   R410A  R407C
  • ASC092CD   R410A  R407C
  • ASD102SF   R410A  R407C
  • ASC104SD   R410A  R407C
  • ASG133CD   R410A R407C
  • ASG133SD   R410A  R407C
  • BSA804SD       R134a

Further models on request

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