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RIES GmbH is a modern sales and distribution company with a strong association to installers and wholesalers for refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

Our specialized range of products in our every day business is supported by a close relationship to small, middle and large OEM customers, regarding consulting and distribution which we attend to do with high dedication.

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Top Product

Rotary DC Compressor JFSB180Z312 -312 VDC-R134a

Cooling capacity: 2450 Watt
Voltage: DC 312 V

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Our Products

Electronic Fan speed Controller ADR 80 DP

For single and three phase up to 8 Amps
in Alu-die cast box for:
2 Pressure transducer 4-20 mA or 0-10V or 2 Temp. Sensors (NTC) or
external Signal 0-10 Volts
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Rotary DC Heat pump Compressor WHP04860BSD

Heating Capacity: 4860 Watt (3640 min-1)
Heating Capaity: 1900 W (1800 min-1) - 7000 W (6000 min-1)
Cooling Capacity: 3750 Watt (3640 min-1)
Speed Range: 900 - 7200 min-1
COP: 4,37
Voltage: BLDC-Inverter 400V/3/50Hz
Refrigerant: R 134a
Manufacturer: Hitachi Highly
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Scroll Compressor YW120J1 - R 134a

Model: YW120J1
Heating Capacity: 15.090 Watt
Voltage: 380V/3Ph/50Hz (+/-10%)
Make: InvoTech
Refrigerant: R 134a
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